“The coaching I did with you was so transformative and powerful that I don’t know how to do it justice. I feel like a totally different person now than I was when I started the coaching sessions. I have purpose and goals, I know what I need to do to get where I want to be and most importantly I understand where that is now. You’ve given me so many tools to use when I get stuck and start to lose my way. You’ve helped me understand myself so much better and tap into the under represented aspects of myself that I’ve previously been ashamed or afraid of.”

Coaching Testimonial (4 week programme)

“I did a 3 month life coaching course with Sarah and I can highly recommend her. I felt listened to at all times, held to account every week, (which is something I personally really need!) but without feeling judged or criticised, and learnt some new techniques and ideas to use in my day to day life. Sarah also tailored the sessions to my needs and wants very skillfully. She would always ask what I wanted from each session and give me homework related to it but if I ever dithered about things, she always had ideas up her sleeve related to what we had discussed the previous week. Thank you Sarah!”

Coaching Testimonial (12 week programme)