Women in Wellbeing and Community Business

Green Moon Coaching offers coaching programmes to women in community and wellbeing business.

A coaching programme designed for you and your business.

One to one coaching for Women in Wellbeing and Community Business

You can use coaching to connect to who you are at your heart and in your business.  Explore and adapt to the challenges you face.  Find ways to be authentic, genuine, and true to you, at home and at work. 

If you are finding uncertainty or need clarity in your business plans, want to connect between the true you and your work, the coaching experience can bring you alignment and reconnection.  Through tools and dialogue, we can work together to face those challenges that seem to stand in your way of moving on personally and professionally, recognizing how interlinked these things can be. 

Over a short time, you can refocus on you, your needs and how to bring your truth into the work you do and the relationships you have.  Coaching allows you to explore and deal with uncomfortable emotions and feelings that impact on how we interact day to day, you can feel the benefits of understanding and taking power back over your emotions and use this to be the authentic and passion-led business person you want to be. 

Our 4 week programme

  • Get clarity on the challenges you face and where to focus your energy.
  • Get to know what you need and how to get it.
  • Explore your values and how they show up, and how you can connect more deeply with them at work.
  • Explore and develop your networks.

Each week we take time to explore where you and your business are at, we’ll work on your chosen theme or challenge for the programme.  We’ll use tools to explore needs, values and design the network you need.  After the four weeks you’ll have clarity and a fresh perspective on your personal and business world allowing you to move on and be the business you want to be. 

Our 12 week programme

We’ll use an in-depth look at your power type profile (One Of Many online tool free with his programme) to explore how you and your energy are showing up in your relationships at home and work.  We can connect to get to know your natural cycles as well as release emotions and feelings that no longer serve you.  Doing this work will allow you then to make plans, set boundaries, manage your time and energy to meet your business needs and to make sure you are getting what you need too.

The 12-week programme includes all content from the 4-week programme and then takes you deeper in the coaching conversation with access to more tools and activities used to explore your chosen area of challenge or focus.  We’ll use dialogue which challenges you, music and embodiment practices that connect you with all your inner strength and character alongside practical tools for you to use day to day.  This combination allows the programme to be personalised, individual and unique to you and your business.   

Email greenmooncoaching@gmail.com

I can genuinely say with hand on my heart, it transformed my life.

I can not recommend sarah and the style of her of coaching enough. Genuine, empathetic and grounded.


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