Our Care Experienced Community

Life Coaching for women with care experience…

unconditionally heard, held, with space to connect to you.

Why coaching?

Coaching offers a conversation where you can be supported and completely listened to, in a space created for you to find clarity on the big issues in your life. You can find new insights, learn new tools and activities which will see you gain understanding of your biggest challenges. Coaching holds you accountable for your development and progress in life, you’ll feel empowered by the trust you can build in yourself.

Realise your inner power, find it and take control.

Take yourself and your life in the direction you want to go.

Understand and work with your emotions and energy.

Free Discovery Call

Get in touch for a free taster session and find out if our coaching style and programme is right for you- no obligation, let’s chat and see if we fit in with what you need.

12 week programme

Our 12 week programme takes you on a complete journey to work on the area of your life where you feel most stuck or dissatisfied. We will work together to get a real clear view on the change you want to see and a programme will then be developed and personalised to you.

We use the One Of Many (TM) Powertype Profile Tool as a way to explore your emotional world, your energy and how you are interacting with the people and situations you are connected to.

Each session you get 121 coaching around the issues coming up for you and progress your intentions for the programme. You’ll be introduced to activities and tools to build into your day to day life at home and at work, the sessions will support you to reflect and make new plans to move forward.

Sessions are 50 minutes on a weekly basis, our meetings will take place online using Zoom.

Work with Rees Foundation

I offer group coaching programmes in partnership with Rees Foundation…the next programme #CEPUPRISING starts 26th October 2021! Email contactus@reesfoundation.org for more info.

Other work with our care experienced community…

We are passionate about supporting some specific women, in addition to our main 12 week programme. We want to support care experienced women who are involved with statutory services (child protection, looked after or adoption services) regarding their own children- this is a coaching programme that can support you while you work with these professionals in your life.

This is such a complex or even unique situation you find yourself in, while you may feel most vulnerable you need to show up and be the best you can be for you and your family. Coaching can support you to manage your emotions and energy, get clear and committed on your intentions and plans for your family life. Get a coach to stand by your side, to listen to you completely and to hold you accountable to achieve what you want to in your family life.

Get in touch to find out more and arrange a taster session.

We have limited spaces on this programme, places can be funded by your local authority or we have limited sponsored places where all costs are covered making this accessible to as many people as possible.

Email greenmooncoaching@gmail.com

“I feel all that I have learnt will enable me to ensure that I am taking care of my wellbeing and continue to stabilise. I would fully endorse all women especially those who have care experience to engage in attending a coaching session.”

Feedback on a Coaching Session

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